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2016-03-04 / Corporate news

Evenflo conquers Wal-Mart and “Fast Company” with innovative strength

In Wal-mart ‘s 2016 supplier summit, Evenflo beat a number of renowned international companies like Unilever and became the “Innovative Award Winner”. Meanwhile, “Fast Company”, the most influential business magazine in America, also named Evenflo as “The World’s Most Innovative Company”.


Among thousands of suppliers of Wal-Mart, only six companies were nominated for the innovation award. In fact of the keen competition, Evenflo beat various famous international brands including Unilever and P&G, and finally received the award for its proportion of innovative products and new products in the revenue of the year.


At the same time, Evenflo had also been named as “The Most Innovative Companies of 2016” by the most influential business magazine in America, “Fast Company”, which has the same position as“Fortune Magazine” and “Business Week” , for its invention of the Bluetooth alarm device implemented in the car seat, being listed in the list together with Ford and Tesla as the top ten of innovative car and surrounding product companies.


As a leading car-seat brand of America, though the product quality of Evenflo is deeply trusted by consumers, the brand has gradually lost its creativity in the previous business operation. After the acquisition by Goodbaby International in July 2014, Evenflo has been placed in the world’s leading innovation system and has been all-round led and supported in terms of innovation revolution by Goodbaby International. Hence, it came true that Evenflo won the Wal-mart award and was listed as the most innovative 50 companies by “Fast Company”, which no one could ever imagined a year ago . Not only does it stand for the huge success of Goodbaby International’s M&A integration, but it also means that Evenflo will enter into a new stage of innovation development.

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