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Goodbaby International’s central laboratory facility in China was founded in 1998.

Here we design and produce products for our customers and partners across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Our central laboratory consists of a mechanical and testing lab, a chemical lab, a toxicological analysis lab, a children’s car safety seats lab, a sled testing lab, a textile lab and a components testing lab. Today, thanks to our laboratories in North America and Europe, we own one of the largest scale and most advanced laboratories in the global juvenile production industry global, gaining domestic and international recognition.

Our development process uses state-of-the art Computer Assisted Engineering (CAE) Technology. This allows us to carry out numerous virtual test simulations on new car seat models to test the effectiveness of their safety features. This is a great advantage. Our products consistently undergo simulation tests that match real life conditions during the development process. This is more time and cost efficient and guarantees much faster development. Our virtual lab can produce analysis and results on frontal impact, side impact, and rear impact in accordance with the latest industry standards. We can forecast car seat movement, posture, time, history, possible break on stress and strain analysis.