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Company Highlight

Goodbaby International is building the leading global eco system of the juvenile industry

The driving forces behind Goodbaby International

A wide range of influential global Brands.

  • A leading global position in car seats and strollers
  • The brand-driven, one-dragon, vertically integrated business model where Goodbaby International owns brands, R&D, production and distribution
  • Global direct distribution networks in Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia where Goodbaby International has three home markets i.e. North America, Europe and China.
  • First-mover advantage through consolidation across continents.
  • An ambitious, dedicated and skilled management team.
  • An International and multi-cultured team working together across multiple continents.
  • Being trustful and respectable in the communities we are part of.
  • Growth opportunities in global markets endorsed by more and more enhanced capability along with our integration process.

1. Growth in China

China is the worlds’ biggest, continually increasing consumer market, due to the fast-growing demand of customers and the relaxation of one-child policy Goodbaby International, through the ‘gb好孩子’, Cybex Brand, has a leading position in the Chinese market. We will utilise our global resources including our Brand portfolio, at every opportunity. We also aim to develop our leading position in the fast growing child car seat market.

2. Chosen Partner in North America

With long standing industry partnerships and the potential of the newly acquired well-established and trusted Brand portfolio in ‘Evenflo’, we have a strong position. By adding strong newcomer Brands, ‘Urbini’, ‘Cybex’ and ‘gb’, we have the right Brand portfolio to compete, and expand further based on the substantial market size and demands of consumers.

3. Access in Europe

We have by far one of the biggest direct distribution to retail customer organisations in the industry. Building on this network and expanding the direct sales channels further, we can accelerate our growth strategy in Europe. We will ensure to take every opportunity of the enormous market size and mature customer base, to further expand our business. In addition, we will magnify our portfolio offerings with the Brands ‘gb’ and ‘Evenflo’ in this important region.

4. And there is more

For other emerging markets, we will enter as a well-established Brand-driven company utilizing our Group synergies and our international Brand portfolio.

Goodbaby International Key Factors.

Our Brands:

‘CYBEX’ is one of the most desirable authentic lifestyle and safety Brands for parents founded in Germany in 2004. In recent years, it has been one of the fastest growing Brands in the global juvenile industry.

‘gb好孩子’ (in Chinese ‘好孩子’)is a rising super star in global market while it is one of the leading Brands in China and provides a wide range of modern, high-tech products for parents.

‘Evenflo’ is a household name in the USA with nearly 100 years of history. Their products can be found in millions of homes across North America.

‘ExerSaucer’ is a safe and stimulating juvenile Brand that supports children during their key learning and development phase through play.

‘RollPlay’ produces some of the most realistic electronic toy vehicles for children.

‘CBX’ by ‘CYBEX’ provides award winning safety essentials and strollers without the price tag.

‘Urbini’ is exclusively available at Walmart.

‘Happy Dino小龙哈彼’ is a well-known juvenile Brand in China. Its products are great value for money.

Market Coverage:

We are close to our customer throughout the world

  • Our Brands sell in over 90 countries and regions.
  • Global subsidiaries with sales, marketing and distribution offices in North America, Europe and Asia

Research & Development:

Our business is driven by imaginations and our understanding of consumers’ needs

  • We have a team of over 450+ Research & Development experts in North America, Europe, Asia.
  • We launch close to 500 new productson average each year and obtained 7,600+ patents. We we held 19 Red Dot International Design Awards, 2 iF Design Awards, 2 China Excellent Industrial Design Rewards, 1 Guinness World Record and 1 China Industrial Design Gold Award.

Testing and Compliance:

We set the standards.

  • To ensure the highest level on quality and safety for our products, we run our own testing laboratories across China and the USA.
  • Our laboratories are accredited by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) and CMA (China Metrology Accreditation)
  • As a multi-continental company we apply values and standards of conduct that provide stability and guidance in complex day-to-day business operations.

Production Facilities:

World class manufacturing.

  • We own industry leading mass-production plants in China and North America to manufacture strollers, car seats and other juvenile durables products.
  • We own 9 plants in China, which make us one of the world’s biggest stroller manufacturers.
  • We own 2 plants in North America. Our Piqua plant is one of the biggest for car safety seats in the USA. Our Tijuana plant is one of the biggest manufacturers for children’s safety gates in Mexico.


We have a worldwide team of over 11,000 people.