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2015-06-02 / Product News

Record Success for CYBEX:

4 Group Winners in the tests by the Reputable Stiftung Warentest

Goodbaby International is pleased to announce excellent test results for its CYBEX car seat range. In the latest car seat tests conducted by leading independent German consumer watchdog Stiftung Warentest (test 06/2015) no fewer than four CYBEX products achieved excellent results in their respective ECE groups:

  • CYBEX infant car seat Cloud Q (belted version) is the test winner in the Group 0+ (birth to 13kg)
  • CYBEX Pallas M-fix is the test winner in Group 1/2/3 (9kg to 36kg) with a grade of 2.1
  • CYBEX Solution M-fix and CYBEX Solution M car seats are both test winners in Group 2/3 (15kg to 36kg) with a grade of 1.8, on par with the seat of one other manufacturer.

One of the most trusted independent German consumer testing organization Stiftung Warentest, together with German automobile club ADAC and other European consumer organizations, for example the ÖAMTC in Austria, RACE in Spain and Which? in the UK, tests selected car seats for children of ECE age groups 0 to 3. Six CYBEX seats were chosen for the tests, including the Cloud Q infant carrier (for use with a seat belt and also in combination with a base station), the 2-in-1 child seats Pallas M-fix and Pallas M as well as the Solution M-fix and the Solution M. These latest tests have set a new record: for the first time in the company’s history, ALL six selected CYBEX seats were awarded a quality rating of ‘good’ despite the more stringent test criteria in this year’s head-on and side-impact crash simulation. Four CYBEX products emerged as test winners in their respective age groups (Solution M and Solution M-fix were on par with another brand’s model).

Martin Pos

“The tests by Stiftung Warentest and the ADAC are some of the most recognized safety tests in the world. This makes their results one of the most important factors for parents deciding which car seat to buy,” said Martin Pos, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Goodbaby International and CEO of CYBEX.

“I am particularly delighted with the outstanding test performance of our Cloud Q in the considerably tougher side-impact category. These sensational results once again confirm our dedication that the successful collaboration between our developers, designers and consumers gives rise to car seats that meet the highest possible safety standards. The aim to develop car seats that bring together the best of safety and quality, unique design and intelligent functionality, will remain the future focus of CYBEX,” Martin Pos concluded.

Detailed Results of CYBEX Products

The belted version of infant car seat CYBEX Cloud Q clinched a victory: with a grade of 1.9 it came out test winner in Group 0+. In combination with the Base Q-fix it achieved a grade of 2.0. What’s more, in the ‘safety’ category the Cloud Q was the only seat in this year’s test to be awarded a rating of ‘very good’. Stiftung Warentest commented positively on the seat’s side protection. The Cloud Q is designed with Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System), which has a patent pending. It is located on both sides of the Cloud Q’s outer shell and protects the infant in a side-impact collision. Stiftung Warentest concluded that the CYBEX Cloud Q (belted and with base) ensured that the risk of injury in a side-impact collision remained very low. In Group 1/2/3, the 2-in-1 seat Pallas M-fix emerged as the group winner (rating 2.1). The Pallas M without ISOFIX connectors was awarded an overall quality rating of ‘good’ (rating 2.5). In Group 2/3, the Solution M and the Solution M-fix were rated ‘good’ (rating 1.8), leading the field on par with a seat of another manufacturer.

Only 14 of 23 seats rated ‘good’ – 4 seats fail the tests

Every year, Stiftung Warentest together with German automobile club ADAC and consumer organizations all over Europe, tests the safety, operation, ergonomics and harmful substances of selected car seats. In this year’s test, 14 of the 23 seats were rated ‘good’. Four models were rated ‘satisfactory’ and another model achieved ‘bare minimum’. Four models even failed the tests: One car seat failed the head-on collision test and three were found to have excessive levels of harmful substances.

The safety tests were carried out at the ADAC’s facilities to simulate a collision scenario as realistically as possible. The testing and evaluation procedure was tougher this year and the test criteria were brought in line with the latest state of technology: The head-on collision tests were conducted in the chassis of a Golf VII (previously Golf VI), whilst the side-impact test included an intruding door bench to simulate impact on the basis of ECE-R 129 regulation. The collision scenarios reflected a life-like situation: Improved Q-dummies were used in order to reflect the relevant age and weight categories as accurately as possible. The Q-dummy series is equipped with highly sensitive sensors, producing more precise results for the stress levels in all areas of the body.

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