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2016-04-18 / Corporate news

Child’s play is about to get a lot more sophisticated (USA TODAY)

The ROLLPLAY brand launches to industry acclaim at the New York Toy Fair 2016.

An already successful E-car brand, with strong licence collaborations, ROLLPLAY launches into a new, innovative high performance category, led by the TURNADO drift car.

Changing from reliance on licence collaborations ROLLPLAY moves to an innovation transformation development model. Placing a greater emphasis on innovation when it comes to market position. Not only requiring the promotion of technology and design, but the development of new products and categories.


As quoted by USA TODAY: “It is no doubt that TURNADO is one of the most remarkable products at the exhibition. ROLLPLAY can outstrip the competitors once it has breakthroughs”.

“The brand new product series displayed at the New York exhibition brings ROLLPLAY and the electronic car category onto a new and completely different development path! Cheer them on!”


With its innovative design the TURNADO drift car sets a new standard in high quality execution and modern design. Designed and developed by the experienced electronic car team led by Zhao Lei and Greg Mille, this high performance, super manoeuvrable, fun to drive sets a new industry standard.

The ROLLPLAY goal is not only to be the top brand in the E-car category, but to be no.1 in the product area of movement and action. Innovation will be the lifeblood of the brand as it revolutionizes child’s play.


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