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TEST WINNERS STIFTUNG WARENTEST 06/2021: CYBEX Pallas G i-Size and CYBEX Solution S i-Fix

Bayreuth, June 2021 - Children can travel in the car with exceptional protection in the CYBEX Pallas G i-Size or CYBEX Solution S i-Fix child car seats. This is confirmed by the child seat tests conducted by independent consumer organizations including Stiftung Warentest and the ADAC, in which these two CYBEX products tested as the best in their relevant child seat groups.

In total, 26 car seats were tested in the categories of safety, handling, ergonomics, hazardous substances and workmanship/cleaning. The CYBEX Pallas G i-Size took the top spot with the grade GOOD (2.0) in the group "Toddler and child car seats from approx. 1 to 12 years". The CYBEX Solutions S i-Fix won first place in the group "Child car seat from approx. 4 to 12 years" with the grade GOOD (1.8).

TEST WINNERS STIFTUNG WARENTEST 06/2021: CYBEX Pallas G i-Size and CYBEX Solution S i-Fix

The CYBEX Pallas G i-Size received great results in the different categories:

• Safety (2.1): The Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System Plus) increases safety and reduces the forces acting on the child in the event of a side impact by more than 20%. The advanced construction of the advanced impact shield reduces the risk of neck injuries in a frontal collision by over 40% in comparison to a harness system in an equivalent forward-facing car seat (figures based on internal CYBEX testing). The patented reclining headrest has an adjustable tilt to help stop the child's head falling forwards when sleeping, keeping it in the safety zone of the car seat.

• Handling (1.9): The advanced impact shield has an easy-to-operate fastening system, which enables the child to be secured in the seat in seconds with just one click. Thanks to ISOFIX and Top Tether, the car seat can be safely secured in the car with a low risk of operating error. ISOFIX makes it easier to correctly mount the seat and Top Tether provides more stability and security by providing an additional anchor point.

• Ergonomics (1.8): The child is secured with the impact shield up until they reach a weight of 21 kilograms, when the vehicle's own 3-point belt system is used to strap the child in. The seating position is described by the ADAC experts as exemplary, as is the good amount of space for the child.

The CYBEX Solution S i-Fix also performed excellently in the individual categories.

• Safety (1.8): The ADAC also certifies that the car seat has a "very low risk of injury in a lateral crash". The improved L.S.P. System works together with the energy-absorbing shell to reliably divert collision forces away from the body, reducing the forces in a lateral collision by around 25% according to internal CYBEX testing.

• Handling (1.8): ISOFIX installation is particularly easy and offers additional stability. If needed, the car seat can also be used in vehicles without ISOFIX.

• Ergonomics (2.0): The 12 adjustable height settings allow the customer to adapt the car seat to the growing needs of children between three and twelve years of age, with all adjustments requiring just one hand. Here, the ADAC also praises the exemplary sitting position for the child and the very good upholstery.

CYBEX has already received over 450 prizes and awards in the 16 years since the company was founded.

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