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The Anoris T i-Size car seat equipped with integrated airbag receives the best test rating ever

The Anoris T i-Size car seat equipped with integrated airbag receives the best test rating ever

May 2022 - The forward-facing Anoris T i-Size has been awarded as the best child car seat ever tested in its class according to the leading independent German consumer testing organization Stiftung Warentest and automobile club ADAC. The first seat with an integrated full-body airbag achieved in the category “Kleinkind plus Kind” (toddler plus child) an unprecedented overall score of 1.5 as well as a top score of 0.9 in crash safety and 1.2 in the overall category “safety”.

Over 15 years ago, Martin Pos began thinking about a seat offering all-around protection to children even in forward-facing seating positions. "For decades, airbags have been part of the safety equipment of vehicles aimed to protect adults from serious injuries in the event of an accident. Due to the tireless work of our development team and the availability of new technologies, we are now definitely proud to have received clear recognition from ADAC and StiWa for our technological achievement thanks to this historic result," says the company founder.

“Protecting young children has always been a challenge.
Compared to the body, their head is relatively large and heavy with the neck muscles not yet fully developed.”, says head of development Franz Peleska. “In the event of a frontal impact, the child is cushioned by the large surface area of the airbag and held within the safety zone of the seat before any significant forward displacement occurs. And above all, the sensitive head and neck areas remain perfectly protected.”

The test results illustrate the advantages of this new airbag technology with the CYBEX Anoris T i-Size demonstrating a better performance even compared to conventional rear-facing seats.
The actual test rating for crash performance from the ADAC, Stiftung Warentest, the Austrian ÖAMTC and the Swiss TCS was 0.9 – a score never before seen in the test’s history.

Safe and comfortable journeys - forward-facing

Thanks to the front-facing orientation of the Anoris T i-Size, parents can fully interact with their children, seeing and communicating with through the rearview mirror, thereby increasing passive safety and maintaining the driver’s focus front-facing. In addition, the Anoris T i-Size is more comfortable on longer car rides offering sufficient freedom of movement even for larger children up to 6 years old (2 years longer than a comparable conventional child car seat) . Even on trips lasting several hours, older children have room to stretch their legs without feeling constrained.

The Anoris T i-Size is easy to install and actively supports parents in ensuring optimal installation with LED indicators and audio signals. In addition, an onboard safety assistant informs parents if any link in the safety chain has been missed while getting the child secured in the car seat.

The seat, approved according to the UN R129/03 standard, is suitable for children up to the age of six. It grows with children thanks to its simple and intuitive adaptability, starting from a height of 76 cm and going up to a height of 115 cm and a maximum of 21 kilograms.

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