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Goodbaby celebrates its 30th anniversary

On 16 Oct 2019 - Goodbaby celebrated its 30th anniversary. Mr. Song Zhenghuan, founder of Goodbaby, together with over 300 guests celebrated the milestone on the 2019 China Kids Expo in Shanghai. Themed with “Designing the Future with 30 Years of Originality”, the event demonstrated Goodbaby’s confidence into the future.

Goodbaby celebrates its 30th anniversary

While holding up to innovation, standards and best quality, Goodbaby has realized that “design” must be strengthened to better meet the needs of the new generation of consumers. Therefore, Goodbaby has pooled global designer resources to build a creative platform. Cooperation with Rick Berkelmans, a famous Dutch illustrator, is a good example. The Rick Berkelmans co-named series was launched on the event.

With this creative platform, Goodbaby practices a young and fashion lifestyle and is open to cooperate with all partners in the fashion trend.

Today, Goodbaby is cooperating with over 70 designers and a dozen of R&D organizations globally to provide resources, products and services to more consumers.

According to Mr. Song, the past 30 years were not an easy road. From Made-in-China to an international brand, Goodbaby has always prioritized innovation, standards and best quality. In the next 30 years, Goodbaby wants to create a global parenting eco-system.

At this year’s expo, the form of Goodbaby’s exhibition display is brand-new by setting different themes and scenarios, catering for young consumer’s needs. This new form of display also reveals changes in Goodbaby’s business strategy. It has shifted focus in four ways, from being brand-centered to customer-centered, from being resource-oriented to ability-oriented, from operating a supply chain to operating a platform, and, last but the most important, from creating value of product to creating value for society.

Goodbaby is getting ready to create a global parenting eco-system in the next 30 years.

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