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CYBEX presents the Jeremy Scott Car Collection, its latest collaboration with the iconic fashion designer taking inspiration from the essence of American pop culture.

Picture a family cruising in a '50s car and commanding attention thanks to its sleek tailfins, dazzling chrome accents, and the most vibrant turquoise hue, all reimagined by Jeremy Scott to create the Car Collection.

From stylish strollers to sleek car seats and the trendiest accessories, this latest masterpiece brings the ultimate wow factor by blending American nostalgia with cutting-edge fashion.

Every detail of this collection exudes an iconic retro charm inspired by old school drive-ins and diners, where waitresses in roller skates glided through the booths and jukebox tunes filled the air amid colorfully vibrant vintage-inspired decor.

Jeremy Scott:
"I always try to bring a whimsical aura into the designs I create for CYBEX as everything the brand does revolves around achieving perfection. We mutually commit to making the best products, while allowing me the freedom to create something extraordinary. The collection also really reflects my sense of style, which is very eclectic. I love the juxtaposition of different elements and ideas that go together totally unexpectedly to create a dynamic vision, that translates into a fashionable product. The design will hopefully bring a smile to people's faces!"

Martin Pos, founder of CYBEX:
“With Jeremy, we mutually commit towards perfection and love to every detail of the product. This Collection was made to create memories and conversations that will be cherished for a lifetime, with fun, joy and a little bit of magic."

Jeremy Scott Car Collection includes the signature CYBEX Platinum PRIAM, e­-PRIAM, MIOS strollers and COYA buggy, the infant car seat CLOUD Ti-Size, as well as the Platinum Foot muff and Essentials Bag accessories.

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