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2018-01-24 / Corporate news

CYBEX builds research center in Bayreuth

Bayreuth, January 2018 – CYBEX, one of the worldwide industry leaders in the area of child safety and one of Goodbaby International’s strategic brands, plans to build a research center including a crash sled facility in Bayreuth, Germany. The center will help in developing and improving child car seats. The region in Northern Bavaria will not only benefit from the new jobs that will be created in the near future but also from CYBEX’s reputation as an innovative and standards-setting company. This will expand the Bavarian-based company further internationally.


The Bavarian State Minister of Economics and Media, Energy and Technologies, Ilse Aigner, firmly supports CYBEX’s initiative: „Bayreuth as a location significantly benefits from the building of a research center. Especially when considering the recent decisions of the BAT. The creation of new, future jobs is of a particular importance. Therefore, the ministry supports CYBEX’ growth in Bayreuth in any possible way.” This project is also supported further by a number of national and local politicians.


As well as a faster achievement target in developing child car seats, it is the aim of the Goodbaby Group and CYBEX in particular to improve safety as well as to reduce the risk of injuries for children when traveling in cars.


Johannes Schlamminger, CEO from CYBEX, confirms: „We are very happy that the Bavarian State Ministry supports our project and that we gained the approval for Bayreuth. The establishment of a research center is an important strategic decision to ensure our successful economic growth also for the future. Bayreuth will thus be recognized as a location which sets international standards in the field of child safety.”

It is the first crash test facility for CYBEX in Europe, next to the already existing facilities in China and in the USA, and is supposed to open by the end of 2018.

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