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Marcel Wanders
2016-04-18 / Product News

CYBEX by Marcel Wanders Introducing the “Parents” Collection.

“Living Your Most Fabulous Dream”

Milano, April 12th, 2016. For the first time, the booming child mobility brand CYBEX connects with the world of interior design. With the launch of a furniture line that includes a high chair, rocker, bouncer, and colorful accessories for infants, everything is reimagined to fit seamlessly into the parents’ lifestyle. Leading this exciting collection is internationally celebrated product and interior designer, Moooi owner, and industry rebel Marcel Wanders.


The “Parents” Collection is sophisticated yet playful, allowing parents to continue their cultivated lives, even with little ones in tow. To go one step further, the new range also lets moms and dads pass on their creativity to the next generation through design-forward furniture that seamlessly integrates, creating a dream environment in the home.


The magic of the series lies in the nontraditional approach the collaborators bring to their respective fields: CYBEX founder Martin Pos and Marcel Wanders are both rebels, constantly in search of new ways of working off the beaten track against the establishment. After one fortuitous meeting, these kindred spirits saw that endless innovation was possible by developing a line of extraordinary products that are both functional and lots of fun.


Using Marcel Wanders’ iconic “Monster Chair” as inspiration for the design concept, four adorable monsters enliven the collection’s slogan “Living your most fabulous dream”.


“These cunning creatures exemplify that with all the seriousness implied by staying true to CYBEX’s D.S.F Innovation Principle (distinctive Design, superior Safety, clever Functionality) – adding a bit of color and wit makes it complete,” says Martin Pos.


“Furniture for babies should be stylish but fun, contemporary and simple yet safe. We have created a beautiful collection of design pieces that fit so well into parents’ contemporary urban lifestyle that the arrival of a newborn does nothing to disrupt how the parents live,” added Marcel Wanders.


From the interiors of the “Kameha Grand Zurich” and “Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht” that place guests in a continual state of surprise to his iconic “Knotted Chair”, Marcel Wanders brings his signature and poetic sense of beauty to this new line of furniture and accessories, designing functional and stylish art.

Similarly, Martin Pos redefined the children’s sector when founding CYBEX just over ten years ago. He advanced the stroller and child safety market with products that fulfill the most stringent safety and functional standards, while incorporating design as an equally important component. The latter was a game changer, immediately resonating with lifestyle-focused urban families. With his first foray into furniture, Pos continues to pioneer introducing items that effortlessly blend into the lives of new parents. 


And because we all want to live our most fabulous dream, Martin Pos and Marcel Wanders conceptualized the following pieces to make it all happen: 


High Chair
The “High Chair” is perfect in the modern dining rooms: it is not only the place to be for young ones but is equally coveted by adults as a stylish interior highlight. Focusing on the essentials, this chair is perfectly designed. Thoughtfully complete, it features a beautiful flower-shaped screw, allowing for ease of disassembly for clean-up. 


The ideal artistic statement for your living room chill-out area. This sleek yet ultra-cozy item is an instant icon in any home environment. A reimagination of the classic rocker, its solid wooden base and sculpted shell create a foundation for relaxation. A plush leather seat embroidered with little monsters help your child rest easy.  


Like the “High Chair” and “Rocker”, the Bouncer epitomizes intelligent engineering and stylish design. A contoured leather seat and soft harness embrace your child, providing safety and comfort with every magical bounce up and down. Your little one will drift off to dreamland, cradled by a sophisticated wooden base and sculpted shell. The perfect complement to any contemporary interior. 


This charming piece provides a humorous display of both functionality and design. This house swine welcomes children to play and imagine, providing storage for easy clean-up for all the toys lying about. 


The four little Monsters
These artful, exquisitely crafted hand puppet collectibles draw imagination and curiosity from every child. Stylish and playful, these monsters captivate, leading us on the most fantastical of journeys.


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