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Goodbaby Has Once Again Reached the Top of International Industrial Design with Two “red dot” and One “iF” Design Award Wins
2014-03-06 / Corporate news

Goodbaby Has Once Again Reached the Top of International Industrial Design with Two “red dot” and One “iF” Design Award Wins

‘Epoc’ Stroller received awards from both iF and Red Dot, ‘Origin’ Car Seat received an award from Red Dot

Goodbaby has recently received two congratulatory letters from the juries of “Red Dot”. The stroller EPOC (C3800), designed by European R&D center, and the car seat Origin (CS868), designed by Kunshan Car Seat Design Team, both won the “Red Dot Design Award”. Epoc has also been awarded the “iF Product Design Award” organized by the Hannover Industry Forum. The annual “Red Dot Design Award” and “iF Product Design Award” are known to be the Oscars of international industrial design industry. Three of Goodbaby’s strollers, Emotion, Myotronic (the world’s first electric stroller) and Beaula, have been awarded the “Red Dot Design Award” in 2010, 2011 and 2013 respectively. Receiving two “Red Dot Design Awards” this year, especially for car seats to be recognized on its first application, demonstrates the team’s design capabilities. “Red Dot Design Award” and the “iF Product Design Award” are the most important product innovation design awards. Products recognized by iF are known to be outstanding. Being recognized by both Red Dot and iF exhibits Epoc’s preeminent design.

As the featured product of the year that demonstrates Goodbaby’s spirit of innovation and fashion, Epoc is a product of consumer-oriented design. Before drawing out the design, Goodbaby’s European designers repeatedly observed the habits of pedestrians using their strollers, talked to consumers about their living environment, and discussed with shopping mall guides on factors which contribute to the success of products. Based on these surveys, Epoc was designed with high protection on the shoulders, dynamic movements, properly angled and powerful features and designs on the contours of the stroller. Furthermore, the spacious seat and excellent shock absorber allow a comfortable riding experience under any road conditions. The flip-and-fold wheels and carriage are slim enough to fit through any elevator doors, giving the user a good operating experience. Epoc exhibits an extraordinarily design: simple yet nimble design, and easy to operate with practical functionality, both of which are the key factors that impressed the authoritative international juries.

Origin is the guardian angel that protects babies’ safety in cars with its built-in seat belt’s “strong fastening structure”, full protection on the side, high-performance shock absorbance material at the headrest and automatic locking shoulder strap adjustment mechanism. Moreover, other structural designs such as the ISO-FIX mounting system, the separation of base and casing, five-point harness and convertible car seat installation (rear-facing installation below 3 years old), are breakthroughs of the industrial technology and truly meet consumers’ need for easy installation and usage convenience. Goodbaby’s advanced R&D capabilities in car seats are signified by Origin’s “Red Dot Design Award”, as it anticipates becoming the next leader with the industry’s highest standards.

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