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2014-01-15 / Corporate news

Goodbaby Named one of “Top 10 Brands in Suzhou City”

On 15 January, the Goodbaby brand was named as one of the awardees at the first “Top 10 brands in Suzhou City”. Driven by its independent innovation, Goodbaby realized the transition from a manufacturing-driven model to an innovation-driven one. Its brand influence has also extended from a leader in China to the international arena, serving families around the globe.

Goodbaby Named one of “Top 10 Brands in Suzhou City”

The company’s Chairman, Mr. Song Zheng Huan, attended the award ceremony and shared his philosophy to guests. Product innovation is the essence of the Goodbaby brand. It supported Goodbaby’s growth from a school-run factory on the brink of collapse to the leading maternal and childcare brand in China. Nowadays, Goodbaby continues to adhere to its strategy: “Globalization, World-class, Consolidation and Leadership” and aims to become the world’s leading brand.

Eligible candidates of the first “Top 10 Brands in Suzhou City” are industrial products directly in touch with the daily lives of citizens. The recognition aims to accelerate the upgrade of Suzhou, driven by innovation and development of brands, in order to achieve the transformation from “Made in Suzhou” to “Innovated in Suzhou”. It also aims to create a pleasant social atmosphere during the “Upgrade of Suzhou’s industrial economy”. Goodbaby was given high ratings in the first round of the selection process, as well as in subsequent expert reviews and public votes.

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