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Research & Development

We pride ourselves in the areas of world-class product design and Research & Development capability.

Our Research & Development centres are spread across the globe:

Boston, Dayton, Berlin, Bayreuth, Vienna, Prague, Tokyo and Dongguan, as well as the main hub in Kunshan which is the base for our industrial design technique.

For 25 years we have built a strong reputation, distinguishing ourselves in the industry through detailed market research, consumer insights, excellent product design and management, as well as advanced engineering. By utilising ‘big data analysis’ and other research, particularly researching infant ergonomic, psychology and physiology, and combining these findings with technical innovation and fashion, we can consistently launch original, prospective design concepts and benchmark products. We use the latest technology in accordance with the international quality standards. In fact, our company is strongly involved in the development process of these quality and safety guidelines, and work closely with these authorities around the world. In Kunshan we have our world-class product testing centre dedicated to excellence.

We launch over 500 products on average every year with over 450 professionals in close collaboration. We understand the customer demand and maintain the highest quality of safety and comfort for children. We have obtained 6,638 patents, including 228 invention patents, more than anyone in the industry. We have been involved in around 80% of all internal industry standards in China, and have been invited to participate in formulating and amending national industry standards for North & South America, Europe and Asia.