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Goodbaby International uses some of the most advanced manufacturing technologies in modern production.

Goodbaby International has an integrated production control and supply chain management system.

Through detailed monitoring, we effectively and efficiently analyse our production capacity, quality control and the consistency for our products.

In addition, to ensure a smooth transition from product development to commercial production at a reasonable cost, we have adopted a ‘Design for Manufacturing’ (DFM) process. While developing our products, we take the whole manufacturing process into consideration, with the aim of increasing the efficiency, including procurement, fabrication, assembly, test, production, shipping and delivery.

Our ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ (ERP) system, including the ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ (SOP) are used to map out and document all steps and activities of our supply chain processes and provides us with a platform to interface with our suppliers. The ERP system has enabled us to streamline our supply chain processes, increase the efficiency and stability of our operations, as well as facilitating the speed at which we bring high-quality products in a way that is cost-effective.