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GB - Cybex Priam - Family follows Function
2015-01-27 / Product News

The CYBEX Priam: An Homage to Eames

When researching timeless design, you quickly arrive at the work of Charles & Ray Eames. The California-based duo pioneered sleek, modern, minimal designs, creating an “Eames look” that is simultaneously playful and sophisticated. Working in the mid-20th Century, the pair left an indelible mark on architecture, furniture design, industrial design, graphics, fine arts and movie making. “If it’s not functional, it is not beautiful,” said Charles.

The PRIAM from the CYBEX PLATINUM series is an homage to Eames’ works, a stroller that is exquisitely modern and yet feels comfortable and familiar.

Uniquely among strollers, the PRIAM takes its influence from how we live today; its design cues come from the world of interiors, with specific reference to Eames’ classic furniture. Like all CYBEX products, only more so, the PRIAM reflects the tastes of stylish adults embarking on parenthood. The PRIAM sits contentedly among the elegant and contemporary, and speaks in the vernacular of interior design.

A functional pushchair that is also a design object on wheels, the PRIAM’s genius is to combine beautiful form with exceptional function. The PRIAM is extremely sturdy and versatile yet incomparably light. One frame fulfils three functions, from baby’s first months up to early childhood. The PRIAM can be used as a pram with a matching carrycot, as a travel system with one of the award-winning CYBEX infant car seats, and later as a luxurious buggy, that can be either forward or backward facing. There are wheels to suit every surface: Light, All-Terrain and Trekking. For snow, ice and young siblings, the PRIAM is equipped with ski attachments and a Kid Board.

And for mastering obstacles like steps and curbs or difficult terrain like sandy beaches, the PRIAM can be quickly changed into two-wheel mode without having to remove the seat. Thanks to the two-step folding mechanism, everyday transformations can be accomplished one-handed, the other hand free for baby, groceries or keys. The PRIAM can be folded into a freestanding position for easy parking in a restaurant, a train or in the hall at home. Or it can be folded completely for a car ride.

The Cybex Priam: An Homage to Eames

“The details are not the details. The details make the design,” said Charles Eames. These words have been the motto during the entire development process of this premium pushchair. The PRIAM is all straight lines and no rivets. The intricate legs on Eames’ plastic armchair have inspired the aluminium frame. The turning hinge, the 3-in-1 functionality and the union of metal with soft upholstery fabric all echo Eames’ lounge chair. Like Eames products, the PRIAM harmonizes with its environment: the seat is aligned to the height of the average table (80cm) so it doubles as a mobile high chair. There is naturalness to the clean and apparently simple design, the complex joints invisible.

And beyond the direct nods to the aesthetic, the PRIAM is continuing Eames’ legacy. As a husband and wife team, and parents, the Eames represent the ultimate PRIAM consumer. Together they bridged the gap between industrial design and what people actually want in their homes, working new materials and techniques for maximum style and comfort. Their creations for children – chairs and games – brought high-design culture to kids at an early stage, an ambition humbly shared by CYBEX.

The PRIAM represents true design innovation, and a reliable companion in everyday family life.

“We set out to create a stroller infused with the timeless modernity of Eames furniture but one that was unmistakably CYBEX in both aesthetics and safety standards. I am immeasurably proud of the PRIAM, which represents a new flagship product for our brand. The PRIAM carves a new path in our industry as a premium pushchair that sits among the most stylish interior design.”

– Martin Pos, founder, CYBEX


Founded in 2005 the German company CYBEX develops safe, innovative and life-style-led infant and children’s products for parents. The world of CYBEX is characterised by the desire not only to think the seemingly unthinkable but also to do it. This finds expression in the CYBEX D.S.F. Innovation Principle, which aims to combine distinctive Design, superior Safety and quality with ingenious Functionality. CYBEX delivers car seats, baby carriers and strollers to more than 80 countries, employing over 200 talented associates worldwide.

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